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Branching Roots Moon Series

Branching Roots Moon Series

Next New Moon Gathering:

Friday, April 1st

7:00-8:30pm EST



Full Community Invitation Below

Sign up HERE


Hello, Dreamwalker Community. We are so excited to welcome you to the next Moon Gathering on Friday, April 1st, 7-8:30pm EST.

Throughout 2022, we will be gathering every New Moon to come together through Teachings On The Moon, Reflective Curiosities, and Facilitated Dives into the Conscious Bodies Cycle of Activations. This April Moon, our curiosities and reflections will be centered around Wellbeing & Peace.

For us, this practice is a gift of care to celebrate the uniqueness of our individual embodied stories, and experience kind connections to ripple out into our broader communities and Lands we call home. Participation is on Zoom, and is free and welcome to all.

In addition to the Branching Roots Series, we would also like to invite you to CORE.

CORE is a short dance film by Drew Berry and Andrea Nann featuring music by Kaya Usher and the Family Band. The film played at the February 2022 FEEDBACK Experimental Film & Music Video Festival. CORE will also be featured on the WILDsound TV app March 28-April. You can sign up for the 7 day free trial at (available on your streaming services and APPS). There is a DAILY film festival to watch, plus a selection of award winning films on the platform. Click here to hear the artists discuss the creative process with WILDsound The Film Podcast host Matthew Toffolo

View the video here

CORE Co-Directors: Andrea Nann & Drew Berry Movement Director: Andrea Nann Dancer: Drew Berry Cinematography: Andrea Nann, Drew Berry Camera Operator: Andrea Nann Editor: Drew Berry Music by Kaya Usher and the Family Band Produced by Kevin Drew and Nyles Spencer at The Bathhouse

Sending warm wishes your way, and hoping to see you soon,


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