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Dreaming Across Time and Space


Transitioning from the glorious experience of reconnecting in-person through All in Good Time at Luminato in June, July finds us dreaming across time and distances again as we return into the intimacy of Dances on Screen.

DanceWorks SummerReel 2022

DanceWorks' SummerReels 2022 features a selection of films by artists Jera Wolfe, Kylie Thompson, Sarah Hin Ching U, Pascaline Le Bras, Candace Kumar, Phyllis Whyte, Sherry LeBlanc, Andrea Nann, Elvina Raharja, and Mackenzie Carlson.

Dreamwalker’s offering Windows of Time: Dufferin was created for Dance Ontario in collaboration with Henry Mak and dancers from Branching Out with music by Joshua Van Tassel.

View all Summer Reel Films (50 mins) for free HERE.

Kaeja D’dance Porch View Dances: Discovery Walk

This year’s PVD experience weaves in-person with live and virtual performances. Live dances, augmented reality (AR) and mini dance films feature the heartwarming and real stories of everyday folk, funnelling out the front door of neighbourhood homes onto their porches and lawns.

Dreamwalker’s mini dance film offering Around the Moon was created in collaboration with Michelle Silagy and dancers from the Greenwood Ensemble with music by Sam Webster.

Find more information and free ticket registration HERE.

Race Cards (In Two Acts)

Prime Mover Theatre Company presents 10X10 COMMISSION, the second half of Race Cards (In Two Acts), opening a broader dialogue on UK artist Selena Thompson's powerful work Race Cards through ten artists' creative response to Thompson's questions. The result is ten études (short works) that grapple with urgent questions about race and identity. The video installation features some of Canada's premiere artists and thinkers - choreographers Esie Mensah and Andrea Nann, playwrights Sarena Parmar, Germaine Konji, and Tommi.b.Coyoto (Zach), theatre artist Rayna Masterson, and composers Alexandra Kane, Leslie Ting, and Aubrey Dayle. 10X10 COMMISSION runs July 12-28, at Union Station, Bay Street Promenade.


This dance film by Drew Berry and Andrea Nann with music by Kaya Usher and the Family Band continues its journey receiving an award for Best Experimental Short at Palm Springs Shorts Film Festival (May 2022).


All Of Our Dreaming

Filming Dual Light

Dual Light collaborators Yuichiro Inoue, Naishi Wang, Brendan Wyatt, Sarah Chase, Noah Feaver, Henry Mak, Eric Chan, Joshua Van Tassel and A.J. Morra are reconnect to dream a filmed version of Dual Light: Yuichiro and Naishi into being. Noah Feaver, Henry Mak, Eric Chan and Andrea capture Peggy Baker’s iconic solo In a Landscape for camera.


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