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Branching Roots Moon Series

NEW FOR 2022

Branching Roots Moon Series

Launching Tuesday, February 1st

7:00-8:30pm EST



Full Community Invitation Below

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Hello, Dreamwalker Community. We have exciting news! We will be ringing in the Lunar New Year with a new Ritual… and we want you to join us. For 2022, we will be gathering every 28 days – guided by the lunar cycle – over Zoom for 90 minutes. Together, we are setting these intentions:

To attune to the rhythms of cyclical time

To welcome new relationships with the Moon, ourselves and others

To convene and practice Conscious Bodies Methodology

To connect with Indigenous Teachings and Ceremonies

To celebrate the uniqueness of our individual lived experiences

We will gather on the New Moon every 28 days, coming together through Teachings On The Moon, Reflective Curiosities, and Facilitated Dives into the Conscious Bodies Cycle of Activations. For us, this practice is a gift of care to celebrate the uniqueness of our individual embodied stories, and experience kind connections to ripple out into our broader communities and Lands we call home.

Our first session will be Tuesday, February 1st, 7-8:30pm EST – the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year. Participation is free and welcome to all. We cannot wait to come together.


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