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A Message From Dreamwalker Dance Company

Dear Dreamers, We hope you are faring well. Thank you for your messages of support. We so appreciate hearing from you and hope you will in turn reach out to us if you are in need. Although we have cancelled upcoming community activities and the Toronto premiere of Firehorse and Shadow, Dreamwalker is grateful to be in the fortunate position to be able to honour our written and unwritten agreements and contracts with artists and project contributors. Dreamwalker artists, community ambassadors and collaborators will receive full payments within the original time frame agreed. We are concerned for our community at large and encourage arts supporters to continue to donate where and when they can so artists and arts organizations can survive these challenging times. For the artists on our mailing list, the Toronto Arts Council has compiled these links: External Emergency Funding Initiatives Announced To Date: Woodcock Fund Grant — emergency funds for writers mid-project NABS financial assistance for media, marketing, and communications pros The AFC — Emergency financial aid for entertainment pros Unison — financial aid for musicians Emergency Survival Fund for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers CANADIAN Low-Income Artist/Musician Relief Fund On a brighter note: Body Space Creation Place is continuing with online videos! Dreamwalker’s final in-person activity took place last Monday with Lisa Emmons, Shannon Kitchings, Mayumi Lashbrook, Henry Mak and Andrea creating a series of short video versions of our popular community wellness workshop Body Space Creation Place. The first BSCP Stay Home / Tune In movement video will be available soon! Thank you everyone. Be well, be safe and stay tuned in. with love from all of us at Dreamwalker

Photos by Camille Rojas

Annie Katsura Rollins and Andrea Nann in rehearsal for Firehorse and Shadow chapter one: rat's release

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