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All of Our Dreaming - closes tonight!

Today is the last chance to see All of Our Dreaming! Only 2 shows left. 4pm matinee - PWYC at the door "relaxed" performance with minimal theatrical lighting and softened sound levels.

"I saw this last night and loved it. ALL OF OUR DREAMING is an intimate, luminous revelation — tripping through liminal states of memoir and reverie, loss and ecstasy. The last show is tonight, not to be missed." - Brian D. Johnson, journalist, filmmaker

"...a well-designed and sophisticated engaging and impressive experience." - Keira Grant, MOONEY on theatre "Purity of beauty, truth, honesty and hope - makes for an entrancing, riveting and affirming artistic experience" - Veronica Tennant, C.C.

Photograph by Jeremy Mimnah

All of Our Dreaming is an intimate, immersive performance experience featuring dance artists Brendan Wyatt, Yuichiro Inoue, and Andrea Nann and singer-songwriter Andy Maize (Skydiggers) in works by Peggy Baker, Sarah Chase, and Andrea Nann.

The struggle to leave behind what we know and the courage it takes to make room for something new are themes that occur throughout this inspiring autobiographical dance-storytelling performance.

In a Landscape by Peggy Baker (1995) A shamanistic meditation on instinct, ritual, and transformation A Crazy Kind of Hope by Sarah Chase (2013) Toronto Premiere A heightened poetic landscape, where patterns of movement and spoken stories unfold into realms of water, flowers, surf, loss and love Dual Light: Brendan and Yuichiro by Andrea Nann (2019) World Premiere A re-visioning of Dual Light (2017) A metaphysical journey, leaning into thresholds of time, kinship, grace, and the processes of letting go ------- All of Our Dreaming is created by Andrea Nann with collaborators and contributors Sarah Chase, Brendan Wyatt, Yuichiro Inoue, Cheryl Lalonde, Andy Maize, Joshua Van Tassel, Noah Feaver, James Kendal, Naishi Wang, Elysha Poirier, A.J. Morra, Peggy Baker, and Laura Cournoyea

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