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Someone Between


Someone Between

by Aspara Theatre Company in association with Dreamwalker Dance Company

"...Through dance, movement, mime and ritual, the past and present seam­lessly overlap. Of all of the plays I saw in the festival, this script was the best written, and much credit is due to director and dramaturge Paula Wing. It is a personal story, well told, with compassion, empathy, and commitment. Simply a joy to watch."

- Brian Morton

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"I'm having a wonderful time in my role as movement director alongside a team of excellent artists. Don't miss Chantria's riveting performance in this powerful work."

- Andrea Nann

"Chantria Tram offers a one-woman, second generation coming-of-age story. In what I assume is a mostly autobiographical piece, Chantria navigates her story and the pressures placed on her by her Khmer (Cambodian) mother. She plays both roles masterfully, in part through change of voice, on stage change of costumes and very subtle but very effective choreography...This show is a lovely piece that was years in the making. The attention to detail, in all elements, shows."

- Bryan Boodhoo

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Catch the show in Toronto at Summerworks! Summerworks Tickets & Info here

Factory Studio Theatre 125 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Thu Aug 3 4:30pm / Sat Aug 5 12:00pm Sun Aug 6 7:30pm / Mon Aug 7 5:00pm Tue Aug 8 5:45pm / Fri Aug 11 4:30pm Sat Aug 12 6:45pm

Someone Between photo by Romina Julian


Written/performed by Chantria Tram Dramaturgy/direction Paula Wing Movement direction Andrea Nann Set/costume design Alexandra Lord Lighting design Michelle Tracey Location recording/editing Garnet Willis Original staging Milena Buziak

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