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Brendan and Yuichiro photo by Omer Karde
All of Our Dreaming
A 75-minute program of autobiographical performances featuring Brendan Wyatt, Yuichiro Inoue, Andrea Nann and singer-songwriter Andy Maize (Skydiggers) in 3 distinct works by Peggy Baker, Sarah Chase, and Andrea Nann.

All of Our Dreaming features: solo work A Crazy Kind of Hope, solo work In a Landscape by Peggy Baker (performed by Andrea Nann), and duet version of Dual Light for Brendan Wyatt and Yuichiro Inoue. Also part of the program is a short interlude of story telling and songs performed solo by Andy Maize (Skydiggers) on acoustic guitar. The production incorporates projections of stunning photographs taken by Sarah Chase of her pond on Hornby Island, British Columbia. The audience experiences the video and accompanying soundscape by Joshua Van Tassel as they enter the theatre, attuning their senses and perceptions to these beautifully unfolding, subtlety shifting visual and aural landscapes.



In a Landscape by Peggy Baker (1995) - 8 minutes
Invokes instinct, ritual, and transformation, illuminating the power inside each of us.


 Andy Maize - singer-songwriter shares stories and performs 2 original songs

plus a version of Forever Young by Bob Dylan - 11 minutes

A Crazy Kind of Hope by Sarah Chase (2013) - 20 minutes
Establishes a heightened poetic landscape, where patterns of movement and spoken stories

unfold into realms of water, flowers, surf, loss and love.  

 Dual Light: Brendan and Yuichiro by Andrea Nann (2019) - 28 minutes
Embarks on a metaphysical journey, leaning into thresholds of time, kinship, grace, and the processes of letting go.  This is a re- visioned offshoot of 2017 ensemble work Dual Light. For this new duet, Nann again brings in the voice of her now 88-year-old father, through philosophical ruminations as he moves, ever closer, towards the end of his life.

“Throughout time people from north south west and east have paused to mark significant moments of endings and beginnings, of changes in seasons or little deaths,” says Nann. "At each measure we reorient, bridging the space between knowing and not knowing and aligning our movements with those of the heavens and the earth.”

Dancers Brendan Wyatt and Yuichiro Inoue also become storytellers, one from a small town in Saskatchewan, the other from a city in Japan, sharing their personal struggles with change -- their bodies moving through thresholds of choice and consequence.



"An intimate, luminous revelation — tripping through liminal states of memoir and reverie, loss and ecstasy." 

- Brian D. Johnson, journalist, filmmaker


"Well-designed and sophisticated." 

- Keira Grant, MOONEY on theatre


"Purity of beauty, truth, honesty and hope" 

- Veronica Tennant, C.C. 


Artistic director / choreographer / performer: Andrea Nann

Dramaturge / choreographer / photographer: Sarah Chase

Creative collaborators / performers: Brendan Wyatt, Yuichiro Inoue

Songwriter / performer: Andy Maize

Choreographer: Peggy Baker

Production manager: A.J. Morra

Production / costume / lighting designer: Cheryl Lalonde

Lighting designer: Noah Feaver

Sound designer / composer: Joshua Van Tassel

Projection designer: Elysha Poirier 

Technical director: James Kendal

Stage manager / assistant production manager: Laura Cournoyea

Creative contributor: Naishi Wang


Length of work: 75 minutes

Number of artists travelling: 6


Premiere: Grace Centre for the Arts, Toronto (2019)

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