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Over the course of a three-year / three-phase process concluding in Summer 2016, The Ontario Shebang unfolds through a series of residencies, intensive workshops, community forums, and intimate studio events that gradually build toward a full-scale theatrical and/or site-specific production in each region.
As a part of the Ontario Trillium Foundation grant, Dreamwalker is also facilitating The Ontario Shebang Community Learning Initiative.
With the support of local artists and community animateurs, the Learning Initiative will document and “translate” the legacy of the Shebang Process through a variety of mediums, including texts, sketches, photographs, audio/video recordings, augmented reality applications, and more.
An inter-regional networking meeting and a series of new online artist/presenter toolkits will also help refine and disseminate the legacy of The Ontario Shebang to a wider audience.
Visit the website here
Ontario Shebang Artists and Partners are:
The Kingston Shebang
City of Kingston, Ebon Gage, Alison Gowan, Kingston School of Dance, Kyoko Ogoda, Moyra Riley, Irina Skvortsova, Terry Snyder, Harry Symons, Tett Centre,
The Grand Theatre Kingston, Chantal Thompson, Dorothy Young
The Guelph Shebang
Ishra Blanco, City of Guelph, Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, Guelph Dance Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, Hillside Festival, Janet Morton, Jenn E Norton, Megan O’Donnell, River Run Centre, Claire Tacon, Amadeo Ventura, Bry Webb

The Niagara Shebang
Aaron Berger, Brittany Brooks, Brock University Centre for the Arts, Adam Buller, Elizabeth Chitty, Vickie Fagan, Deanna Jones, New Performing Arts Centre, Mark Steiger, Suitcase in Point Theatre, David Vivian, Annie Wilson
The Burlington Shebang
Liz Bates, Tomy Bewick, Bridget Bezanson, Burlington Performing Arts Centre, City of Burlington, Trevor Copp, Lisa Emmons, Leslie Gray, Aaron Hutchinson, Shannon Kitchings, Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

photo from Kingston Shebang Open Studio workshop
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