New Planes

in creation

New Planes is a new company creation bringing the core  
Dreamwalker creative team together with the Design Fabrication
Zone to investigate organic intersections between two and
multi-dimensional space. 
Featured Artists
Andrea Nann, Brendan Wyatt co-choreographers and performers
Elysha Poirier media artist and performer
Brendan Wyatt sound design

It is our intent that everyone feels invited, wanted, and welcomed to participate in our events and activities. We continue to do the work to learn, unlearn, and relearn in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand in solidarity with Black communities, Indigenous communities, people of colour, and with 2SLGBTQQIA communities. We aim to be part of the forward movement to create a supportive and safe world that is equitable for all of us. In light of this, as you engage with us, with our events, activities and our work, we will continue to ask for your feedback.