Firehorse and Shadow

chapter one: rat's release

Commissioned by CanAsian Dance for its 2020 KickStart program

Choreographer / Performer                  Andrea Nann
Shadow artist / Performer                     Annie Katsura Rollins
Creative and Directorial Contributor    Sarah Chase
Dramaturg                                                Cindy Mochizuki

Sound Designer                                      Ben Grossman

Lighting Designer                                   Jennifer Lennon


Firehorse and Shadow explores family lineage with a focus on the dualistic yin and yang elements expressed within the bodies, lives and choices of three generations of women. Working against and alongside the hearsay of family stories and traditional Chinese charts of astrological animal signs, two performers weave together passages of remembering and forgetting that take the audience through an intimate telling of familial memory. 

Andrea Nann is joined by shadow puppeteer and theatre artist, Annie Katsura Rollins, in this first chapter of a new body of work that collaboratively investigates what binds and holds family members together, whether it be based on fact or fiction. 


The creation of this work was generously supported by the Dance Artist in Residence program at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and by National Ballet of Canada's CreativAction Open Space program.