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Conscious Bodies Methodology™ (CBM)

Dreamwalker’s Conscious Bodies Methodology™ (CBM) is an embodied practice — a way of connecting, perceiving, receiving, interpreting and experiencing ourselves, one another and our shared world through the senses of our bodies, minds, hearts, imaginations and spirits. 
CBM is stewarded by the Conscious Bodies Core Ensemble: Danielle Denichaud, Isaiah Gilson, Kelsi James, Michelle Silagy, Phil Davis and Andrea Nann with Joshua DePerry, Mayumi Lashbrook & Conscious Bodies Facilitators Sid Ryan Eilers, Shannon Kitchings, Heryka Miranda, Hemantika Mahesh Kumar, Kate Lowe, Crystal Castellan, Megan English, and Mary Jo Mullins.  

Programming offers opportunities for diverse individuals to meet, and to experience and embody Indigenous, Wellness and Artistic Expressive practices. We offer uninterrupted time to reconnect with self, with others, and with Lands in natural and generative ways, cultivating spaces to grow together and be together.  Through CBM we co-create cultures of care and connection across and among our differences. 

Current CBM resources contain Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge bases such as symbols, signposts, cardinal directions, activations and imagery that mark gathering the community in a circle, and ways of finding/creating uninterrupted time to be together.

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