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All in Good Time

June 9 - 19, 2022

A Ceremony of Love, Gratitude and Release

Commissioned by Luminato Festival 2022

For over two years life has been happening with little or no ceremony as the pandemic hindered our ability to gather, to celebrate, to mark passages of time. How have we been affected by this loss? What happens when significant life events pass us by silently? With all of the experiences we have lived through recently, and a commitment to creating a better world mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, where have you stored the many feelings and lived experiences that have had no outlet for sharing or for expression?

All in Good Time invites you into a guided ceremony of love, gratitude and release.  By following any combination of 13 visual and auditory meditations and prompts you are invited to explore your own movement, body, feelings and environment.  The prompts are offerings to reconnect us, attune our hearts and awaken physical rhythms felt within the relationships between Bodies, Lands, Waters, and Others.  Links to experience the Ceremony will be available on the Luminato Website from June 9 - 19 for All to participate.


All in Good Time is conceived by contemporary dance artist Andrea Nann/Dreamwalker, with collaborators Philip Davis, Danielle Denichaud, Joshua DePerry, Isaiah Gilson and Michelle Silagy.  


The artists will be in-person at four sites where Land meets Water during the Festival.



Please bring headphones or earbuds to connect to your phone to fully enjoy the experience.  

Plan to set aside Time to fully Experience the Ceremony

June 11

Loafers Lake, Brampton

9 AM – 7 PM


June 12

Marita Payne Park, Vaughan

9 AM – 7 PM


June 17

Trillium Park, Toronto

9 AM – 7 PM


June 19

Ashbridges Bay Park, Toronto

9 AM – 7 PM


Prompts will be available online June 9 - 19

Self-Guided Activation


More information here

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